Interviews with poets…


It’s fast approaching a year since I left this blog. A necessary hiatus. It’s been a busy but fulfilling time – and that accounts for a large part of my absence to date. I’ve been working on the Devolved Voices project, as part of a team investigating Welsh and Wales-associated poets writing in English since 1997 and Wales’ ‘yes’ vote. You can find out more about us here.

As part of the project, I’ve been building an archive of interviews I’ve conducted and filmed with poets for the project – musing on identity, belonging, emergence, and poetics. It’s been a fascinating process. And I’ve been enormously grateful for the generosity of our participants.

By the end of the project, we’ll have thirty interviews on the website – ranging from well-established poets, some way into their careers, as well as more recent poets. To date, we have uploaded interviews with Matthew Francis, Damian Walford Davies, Kate North, Meirion Jordan, Tiffany Atkinson, Jasmine Donahaye, Nia Davies, Rhian Edwards, Ian Gregson, Richard Marggraf Turley, Katherine Stansfield, Dai George, and Pascale Petit. More will follow shortly. You can visit the project’s website home here. And you can access the media page – with interviews – here.

I’ll be back on this blog soon, following the summer break.

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