Monthly Archives: October 2013


I am leaving this blog for a while. Actually, I have left it for some time now. So I guess this is a formality. Or ‘closure’. Or something. I am just too busy with work and family these days – in the very best sense. And I am writing again (if global warming doesn’t get me first – there will be a second collection). And I guess I simply favour Twitter and Facebook as a mode of expression these days. In a sense, this blog was always about giving some shape to random thoughts, attractions and enthusiasms which grabbed me. I prefer the shape of things to be more, well, disposable nowadays. And smaller. Also, social media allows for pedi-conferencing in a way that blogs simply don’t. Besides, other people are so much more interesting – and aint it the truth.

Despite the fact I have been a poor blogger in recent times, people have come. And it’s been nice to have them drop by. Bye for now– or see you on Twitter @KathrynGray.


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