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Year End

The year is worn down, such that there’s hardly any light in the day.

It’s been a year of amazing highs – and the inevitable lows that come with being in and of the world. Most of all, it’s been a year of deep instruction. We can’t control life – or other people. We must manage ourselves with self-respect, and courage is all. We must trust our principles. We must love better, where we can. We must argue the point with kindness, where we can. We must, you know, whistle a happy tune. I’ve come out the other end. I know self-praise is no recommendation, but… I feel a better – and happier – person for it.

The year has concluded on the work front with much pleasure. I’ve been chin-deep in literary magazines and poetry – and loving every minute of it. Fate does not always hand us the work we love to do. Most often, we do the work we have to do. Confucius he say: Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I have found this to be true three times in my life. I am a lucky woman. Devolved Voices has been developmental, but the work has also taken me back to where I think I best belong. It has afforded me an opportunity to explore new abilities, dust off some old talents, and to find some sort of centre, as well.

Personally, I’ve made an early resolution to find more time for the people in my life. Life has offered its prompts: if you don’t listen to the universe, you tend to feel the back of its hand. It stings. I’m blessed with many fine friends and, of course, my family, all of whom have supported me well throughout the year. I am trying to reconnect with the concept of simply ‘hanging out’. Maybe I’ll turn off my iPhone occasionally, even at dinner parties. I’ll let you know how I get on with that…

I’d like to offer Big Thanks to a couple of thousand visitors over mere days who came to read what I thought was a little, personal post about my relationship with the Welsh language. Poets don’t often get much of an audience. When they do, the audience sometimes discovers it is actually at the wrong venue. You have no idea What This Means. So, Big Thanks.

Next year will be the Big Year. It will be the year of discovery. It will be the year of making – and shaping – poems. It will be the year of –––

Well, come back and find out.

In the meantime, I send Christmas cheer – and great happiness to you for the year ahead.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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