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This one goes out to Rebekah Brooks. Like Simone de Beauvoir, she studied at the Sorbonne; unlike Simone de Beauvoir, she didn’t complete her studies. I should add that the song has nothing whatsoever to do with Simone de Beauvoir or, indeed, Rebekah Brooks. But this is my inch-raised platform. I have found yawping the following keywords over the original track an aid to pleasure: Chipping Norton, Cheshire and Cameron.

I am off to get a suntan at the end of the week. But I’ll be back with the usual in a few weeks, and I’ll also be posting a review of Tamar Yoseloff’s The City with Horns, which I have been meaning to do for ages. A very fine poet, so she is, and I’ll explain why I think that in August.


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