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And It’s Surely to Their Credit

So: Happy International Women’s Day.

I’ve been quiet. But I hope silence equates with substance. I can certainly assure you it equates with industry. Many books are underway – and I’ll tell you more about these over coming months. Plus, a very exciting 2013 all round. Some surprising, superb, established names – together with highly accomplished newcomers I’m proud to be introducing.

In the meantime, I want to flag the arrival in the autumn of our new poetry list. We’ve designed a series of uniform covers in beautiful colours. First up this year are Alan Kellermann and Anna Lewis. Of course, I come with my bias, but here are two excellent new poets. They’ll be promoting their books in the autumn/winter/spring 2012/13. Following that, we have poet Jemma King, with her lovely collection, in 2013. A very special group of promising voices.

In more personal news, a new anthology of British poets arrives in the late spring from Cinnamon, Lung Jazz, edited by Todd Swift and Kim Lockwood. It contains work by many poets I admire and whose planetary presence is undeniably a Good Thing. I am in it also, with a paean to Brandon Flowers. And it’s all for charity. You can pre-order here.

More soon.

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