New Welsh Review

I am now editor of New Welsh Review .

This blog will shortly be up and running again but largely only to provide details on readings or courses I am giving. I’ll also occasionally update on two works-in-progress that are currently on the boil. Do feel free to have a look at some poems from my first book that are still uploaded in the meantime.

And I do hope you take a look at New Welsh Review, a magazine packed with brilliant writing from Wales and beyond. Click here to visit our website and take a look at what we do and who we are. You can also read, for free, some examples of the great writing New Welsh Review has published and championed over its twenty-one-year history in our online virtual yearbook; find out who’s in it; find out how to maximise the chances of appearing it in yourself with our guidelines; and, of course, get the lowdown on the science bit: ‘How to subscribe’.

We also maintain a blog with news, views and guest contributors. Click here to read the New Welsh Review Editor’s Blog.


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